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Welcome to the 1998-1999 season!

1997-1998 season

The 1996-1997 season was one heck of a strange year for Rick Tabaracci! Here's some background:

Playoffs 96!

Ice Level
During the 1996 playoffs, the Calgary Sun asked the Flames goalies to each write a column per game day, talking about their role in the playoffs. It was a great insight to what goes on close to the team during this time! Check out Tabby's columns!
April 16, 1996
April 18, 1996
April 21, 1996
April 23, 1996

**Other fun tales**

Tabby the Goon???
Tabby, Tie junior fight partners
Tabby's touchdown plunge
Masked Marauder - Tabby getting feisty? Nah... and just about scoring a goal too!

Cold reality in Winnipeg - A great George Johnson piece about the Flames last game in Winnipeg, including memories from the Flames who grew up there and played there.

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