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Tabby, Tie junior fight partners

Eric Duhatschek
Calgary Herald

Sunday's memorable punch-up between Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Felix Potvin and the Philadelphia Flyers' Ron Hextall had Rick Tabaracci recalling his days as a brawler.
Tabaracci, the Calgary Flames' goaltender, went toe to toe with Tie Domi, one of the National Hockey League's most accomplished fighters, in their junior days in Ontario.
Tabaracci was with Cornwall and Domi with Peterborough. The day before, Tabaracci had been returned to the Ontario Hockey League from Pittsburgh.
"For two, three years, me and Tie went after each other all the time -- slashing and hacking," Tabaracci related Monday. "Finally, we squared off that first game of the season."
Who won?
"I got him pretty good," said Tabaracci. "By the time we finished, everybody else was involved. He grabbed me from behind and by the time I turned around, I had the blocker off and started whaling on him.
"After that, we never touched each other for the rest of the year.
"By mutual agreement."

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