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May 5 - update...
No offical word on Tabby's surgery yet, but I did see him cruising down MacLeod Trail during rush hour, and not looking any worse for the wear. ;-)

April 21 - update....
Rick Tabaracci had his surgery to repair an abdominal tear today. Will update as soon as I hear anything.

Eric Duhatschek - Calgary Herald
Apr 13, 1998

The injury per game sequence continued Sunday with the news that Calgary Flames goaltender Rick Tabaracci may face surgery to repair a small tear in his abdominal wall.
Tabaracci, who dressed as Dwayne Roloson's backup in Saturday night's loss to the Edmonton Oilers, was mysteriously absent when the Flames left for Los Angeles and tonight's game against the playoff bound Kings.
A quick telephone call back to Calgary revealed that Tabaracci had been bothered by an abdominal pull for the better part of the month, but the team had kept the injury quiet in the hopes that he could play through it.
"You can't tell anybody it's there, " said Tabaracci. "If I did, all I'd do is get run over more often."
Tabaracci said he visited with the team doctor Saturday afternoon. He is scheduled for an MRI today. If the test supports the original diagnosis that the muscle is torn, then Tabaracci would prefer to have corrective surgery as soon as possible.
"It's similiar to what (Aaron) Gavey had last year," said Tabaracci, " a tear in the wall of my stomach. We've been monitoring it, watching it, treating it, instead of doing surgery. It's been getting progressively worse. With us out of the playoffs, it's better to get it fixed sooner rather than later."
To replace Tabaracci, the Flames called up junior goaltender Tyrone Garner of the OHL's Oshawa Generals.

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