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Michelle's Trade Page

Check out my wantlists:
This is my main wantlist - the cards I am searching for the most. They are mostly common players, with cards that are somewhat hard to find. I'm willing to buy most of these cards outright.
[Main wantlist (mostly common players)]

These wantlists are quite large, there's plenty on them. I will trade straight book for these. I'm not interested in buying these right now - except under very special circumstances. I'm not being cheap - just saving my money for the cards I especially want (which are far too many).
[Mike Modano wantlist (Page One)][Mike Modano Wantlist part 2 (2000-2001 on)][Vincent Lecavalier wantlist][Insert sets wantlist][Craig Conroy wantlist] (this is a new wantlist, so I'm looking for a lot)

Cards for trade: [pre-1995][95-96][96-97][97-98][98-99][99-00][00-01][01-02][02-03]

Last Updated - July 13/03
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