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While in college taking journalism from 1991-1993 I was forced (ha!) to take B&W photography, a course I found frustrating and boring until I discovered the joys of hockey photography!! I never really pursued this hobby, but I shot every warm up of every Flames game I went to. Here's a small selection of those shots... it's fun seeing some of the old faces!

  • Doug Gilmour circles the ice
  • Neil Sheehy, Joe Nieuwendyk and Robert Reichel crash Rick Wamsley's goal while Theo Fleury looks on
  • Al MacInnis pauses for a moment
  • MacInnis rushes to defend
  • Joel Otto takes his shot
  • Gilmour, Otto and Reichel watch the warm up
  • Mike Vernon, during a quick break
  • Goalie Rick Wamsley wrestles MacInnis off the puck
  • Rick Wamsley makes the save!
  • Wamsley sees the puck behind him
  • Wammer pauses for a moment
  • Wammer ready for action
  • Wammer give the camera that evil glare!

    Gee, I wonder who was my favorite player?? Love those #31s! ;-)

    For more of my "Flames photography", this time with this year's Flames, please check out Michelle's Photo Album. Updated weekly!

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