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For starters, let's be good

By Rick Tabaracci - Special to the Sun
April 23, 1996

If there's one area in our game that's been lacking most of the year, it's good, solid starts.
We need one tonight.
We want to start Game 4 the way we played the third period of Game 3. And that doesn't mean running-and-gunning. We're not going to win that way. It's not our style. But we need to come out with intensity and confidence.
I think one of the best games we played all season was here against Pittsburgh. That night we took it right to them. We dictated the type of game it was going to be right off the bat.
That's how we must approach tonight.
It's not a question of fear at the consequences, but we don't want to start too excited. We've got to be under control.
There aren't any big secrets for tonight. We realize they're a very good hockey club and that we're going to have to give our best effort to beat them.
Whether it's Game 1, Game 4 or Game 7 of a series, you've got to come out with a positive attitude. Yes, our backs are against the wall but we've got to look at this one game. Play it the best way we know how. We can't look at it going in as a springboard, or a chance to go back to Chicago. One game. There's enough pressure without looking ahead.
It's a cliche, it may sound corny, but it's true -- break the game down into a series of little games. If you're behind 1-0 after a period, set your sights on winning the second, then the worst you can be is tied going into the final 20 minutes. There is a real danger in getting too worried about the big picture and losing focus.
This isn't the position any of us anticipated being in today. But this team hasn't given up, hasn't backed down an inch all year. That's been our trademark all year and we don't intend on changing it now.

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