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Tabaracci to mind goal for Calgary

By Robert Markus - Chicago Tribune
April 19, 1996
The Blackhawks can expect a different look from the Calgary Flames Friday night in Game 2 of their first-round Stanley Cup playoff.
After the Hawks handled the Flames with surprising ease in Wednesday night's opener behind Joe Murphy in a 4-1 victory, Calgary coach Pierre Page has switched to Rick Tabaracci in goal.
Depending on who has the hot hand, Tabaracci has alternated for much of the season with Trevor Kidd, who was in the nets Wednesday when Murphy scored twice and assisted on a third Hawks goal.
Murphy said that the change of goaltenders won't change the Hawks' game plan.
"Basically you just try to get the puck at the net and crash the net,'' he said. "Unless you have a lot of time and can pick your spots.''
If that's the case, the book on Tabaracci is that he overplays the puck and therefore it's better to shoot directly at him than to try to pick out a corner. He's also susceptible to deflections.
Last time they met, however, Tabaracci was susceptible to nothing, shutting out the Hawks 1-0.
Tabaracci himself said he is a far different goaltender than Kidd.
"Trevor stays in the net a little more,'' he said. "I like to handle the puck a fair amount.''
For that reason, Murphy said the Hawks will try cross-ice dump-ins.
"We'll try to shoot it hard around the net so he can't handle it,'' he said.

***Note - Blackhawks went on to sweep the Calgary Flames... but not because of goaltending. ;-)