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With thanks to Marc, here's a transcript from the Brian Sutter online chat... (edited for the goalie-relevant parts)

Q: Do you think that Ken Wregget and Giguere/Moss can carry the load for the Flames next season?
A: Let's put it this way -- he should give us some stability.

Q: What do you think of Andy Moog's retirement?
A: I think Andy had a tremendous career. His record was pretty darn good this year, and I know some criticized his performance later on, but he lost to the best goalie in the world in Buffalo.

Q: If you were starting a team, whom would you pick?
A: The top goalie available, then the forward then the defense. That's where you would look.

Q: Who do you see as the big favorites next year?
A: I don't think it'll change much from this year. Two of the top teams this year that didn't go on were ourselves and Vancouver. We were not far off. There were only 4 teams at 5-5 that were better than us.

Q: Where do you feel the Flames need to improve next season?
A: There's no question that our top concern is more consistant goal production. We've got to add a point man to help our power play, and we need consistant goaltending.

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