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Off season gossip

April 21
The Calgary Sun reports that team management is unhappy with Rick Tabaracci's decision to pull himself from play in the final stretch, despite the fact the games were meaningless, and Tabby's injury was legitamate. Supposedly, the powers that be, particularly coach Brian Sutter, now doubt the Tabby's "team" ethic, and are looking to trade him.
Bear in mind, this comes from Sun writer, Mark Miller, who is notorious for making things up to create a story, or for overblowing the situation. I would file this into the "Maybe... but I doubt it." Catagory.
If it is true, my two cents is, HUH? I have a really hard time believing the team would come down so hard on a guy for something as insignificant as this. When Tabby pulled himself, the Flames were basically playing for draft position. If Flames management is looking to black list players for lack of heart, they have a few to go through before they hit Tabby.

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